De-stilling Still Life emerged from the artists’ growing interest and research into Flemish flower still lives and the historic, biological and socio-economic relations contained within each floral arrangement. In an attempt to ‘unpack’ Flowers in a Blue Vase (1608) by Jan Brueghel, Nikolaus Gansterer and Wietske Maas have, with the help of botanists, hortus gardeners, entomologists and still life experts, identified and planted all the possible flower species insect depicted in this painting. By reconstructing and reanimating the still life the artists sculpt this painting into a living state and a new form of experience.


Gemäldegalerie, Cabinet 19
11 November 2010 – 5 May 2011

The installation on 11 November 2011 opened as part of Vienna Art Week and the exhibition ‘Story Betold. Story Behold‘ curated by Brigitte Kowanz and is on display till 5 May 2011 at the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) Wien.

Opening times of KHM are Tuesday – Sunday
 10-18:00h and  Thursday 


18-21h, 19 May 2011

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien

When the flowers have bloomed and the insects have hatched, the Brueghel bouquet will be ‘destilled’ at KHM for a once-only performance that extracts the rich essence of the painting. The distillation of the 17th century floral still life ‘Flowers in a Blue Vase’ by Brueghel will take place on 19 May 2011, in the grand entrance foyer of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.
This project has been made in cooperation with the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

With special thanks to Der Botanische Garten der Universität Wien, the Stadtgartenamt,  NHM (Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna), the Hortus Botanicus Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Sam Segal / Still Life Studies.


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