Tulipa stapfii | Kurdistanic tulip

1 April 2011, the stapfii tulips at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam are now well and truly above ground. Expected to bloom end of April – beginning of May. These will be red ones. Perhaps the pink stapfii in the painting is actually a faded red…

19 April. The Tulipa stapfii in beautiful bloom. The flowers are laden with thick dusty pollen. Photo by Hanneke Schreiber, Hortus Amsterdam

22 April. The Tulipa stapfii are almost at the end of their bloom. Hortulanus Hanneke Schreiber surveys  which of these Tulipa stapfii could be donated for Destiling Still Life.

The uprooted tuilp. We must have looked rather suspicious when pulling out the tulip on a very busy Good Friday at the Hortus.

Back home. The beautiful broken yellow underneath.

The ‘stolen’ Tulipa stapfii. Ready to be put in water. Pray to keep it alive until the performance 19th of May


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